It was almost six years ago this month that I was first asked to be a founding member of the steering committee of NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles). It was then called No More Homeless Pets Los Angeles. When I sat in that Starbucks in Brentwood on that raining day, Julie Castle (Chief Development, Marketing and Communications Officer) told me about her idea. I told her I didn’t want to be on yet another committee or task force that did nothing. I was done with committees that sit around, talk and do nothing for animals. She promised me this would be different.

Six years later, we are on the verge of being a no-kill city. Oh boy–it’s been a tough, challenging, and exciting road! We’ve all had to make concessions, grow, push harder, change course, and correct course while always keeping our eyes on the prize.

Stray Cat Alliance has grown leaps and bounds during this time. What I thought would get us to no-kill the fastest was incorrect and what I thought was pointless is the actual thing that is getting us there the quickest. I’ve learned that you can adopt your way out of killing and that spay/neuter is the long game and takes many years to affect intake at a shelter.

Just 1430 more dogs and cats need to be saved next year at the 6 Los Angeles City (not to be confused with Los Angeles County) Shelters, along with what we are currently doing to for Los Angeles, to become a no-kill city. That’s a 90% save rate for cats and dogs combined. YES, just 1430 more. I know we can do it! We are so close.