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Bottle Baby ParTIES

Have you ever wanted to feed a nearly-newborn kitten? See the tiniest toe beans? Hear the smallest, sweetest meows? Now is your chance!

Our Bottle Baby Parties are a full hour of educational, fun-filled kitten cradling. They are hands-on events: you will be feeding kittens, holding them, helping groom them, and taking a million selfies, of course. Our parties will provide you with incredible knowledge from professional kitten-tamers as well as leave you delighted by cuteness!

Claim your spot ASAP; these parties sell out FAST!

Save the Date – tickets will be on sale soon for these upcoming Bottle Baby Parties:

  • Saturday, September 30th
adorable baby kitten wrapped in a blanket being gently groomed with a toothbrush

Adoption Events:

August 5, 2023 – 11am – 3pm

Stray Cat Alliance
3612 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Learn more about our adoption process.

close up of young orange and white cat's face - donate now and a generous donor will 5x match your gift!
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