2016 was a banner year for Stray Cat Alliance. We saved more cats than ever before. We adopted out 640 cats, TNR’d 1,999 in South LA, Returned-To-Field 750, and saved 374 thru our Safe-At-Home program at the South LA shelter. Every year we push ourselves and strive to do better.  This year is gearing up to be an even better year.

Here are the statistics so far in 2017:

Safe-At-Home Kittens: 
Food given to the community:
8,996 cans of cat food
2,560 pounds of dry cat food

The No-Kill movement grows exponentially and more and more communities are changing their ways and more and more people are signing up to help. This is a team effort and no one person or organization can do it alone.

Stray Cat Alliance is on the forefront of the No-Kill movement. Our proven success rate of programs centered around shelters has garnered us a reputation for life-saving programs, and other communities are reaching out to us for help to set up similar programs.

First and foremost we are an advocacy organization and we realize that cats in shelters need the most advocacy. Creating, running and sharing life-saving programs that involve the community to save and respect the lives of cats is what we are about. Our dream of achieving a no-kill nation is in sight!

Christi Metropole
Stray Cat Alliance