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The time is NOW!

The restrictions on Trap/Neuter/Return efforts could soon be lifted in the city of Los Angeles, but there are still some road blocks. The city needs to hear from YOU directly! COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC ARE DUE NO LATER THAN MONDAY, 10/28

Use the following letter template to support the lifting of all TNR restrictions. For ease, you can copy and paste the following in its entirety into your word processing program:



October 24, 2019

Dr. Jan Green Rebstock
City of Los Angeles Public Works
Bureau of Engineering Environmental Management Group
1149 S. Broadway, 6th Floor, Mail Stop 939
Los Angeles, CA 90015-2213


I am writing in response to the request for public comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report of the Citywide Cat Program in Los Angeles (“DEIR”).

I am pleased the DEIR does not find a significant environmental impact of cats and Trap Neuter Return (TNR). I am in full support of TNR as the proven way to handle free roaming and feral cats. Thank you for recognizing the value of TNR.

TNR not only reduces cat numbers but enhances their quality of life. It also makes feline and human communities happier as free roaming and feral cat numbers decline and mating behaviors cease. TNR allows for active management of free-roaming cats by providing feeding, vaccination and flea treatment.

I am concerned, however, that the City has included significant restrictions that may limit the positive impact of the TNR program, and potentially create an outcome that differs from the desires and goals of the city and the public, including those who respect the lives of cats, wildlife and our environment. I have serious concerns about the following areas of the DEIR:

I fully support the comments submitted by Stray Cat Alliance and echo their concerns and suggestions for improvement to the project.  

I respectfully request you move forward without the restrictions noted above to allow full implementation of TNR in Los Angeles.  

First & Last Name

Please email this letter AS AN ATTACHMENT to jan.green.rebstock@lacity.org . Do not provide your comments in the body of the email. Please include a mailing address in the comment letter (template above); and include “CAT PROGRAM” in the subject line.


Please share this message with other supporters! If you haven’t been able to sign our petition supporting TNR, click here to sign. Community cats in Los Angeles need your voice! We are on the cusp of being able to save so many lives, but we can’t do it without you. Help us save community cats by sending this letter of support to Dr. Rebstock.

For almost a decade, the city of Los Angeles has been prevented from participating or supporting Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR). We finally have movement on the injunction – a draft environmental impact report that the City of Los Angeles recently released.

Some are saying the decisions that come from this process will impact policies in the City of Los Angeles – and across the country – for decades and generations to come.

Here’s how you can help:

We, our partners in the No Kill Los Angeles coalition and others are reading the 1,710 pages of the document to develop our response.  See below for additional information and links to the EIR. We will share our thoughts on the proposal as soon as we can. We have just a few weeks to react. Final comment on the proposal is due October 28.

We can’t underscore the importance of getting the best outcome for cats and eliminating this injunction but what is proposed by the city may not service the cats in the long run.

Stand with us and stand for the right of every cat to be safe, healthy, and valued!

Injunction Information

Impact of the injunction: Tens of thousands of community and adoptable cats and kittens have been killed in shelters and died on the streets in the decade since the TNR injunction.

TNR is a proven intervention to reduce the number of cats, helping birds and other species, too. Not doing TNR for the past decade has led to record increases in cat and kitten intake – like this summer’s 21% increase in kitten intake at Los Angeles Animal Services. Sadly, the death rate is up as well. And, we may not achieve the 90% No-Kill status we are so strongly working towards.

When the city was sued in 2008 and in 2010 when the Los Angeles Superior Court issued the injunction, the city was required to do an Environmental Impact Report in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act. The city finally began pursuing the report in 2017 and issued it at the end of August 2019.

Background on the injunction: In 2006, Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Services distributed vouchers to be used for free-roaming cat spay or neuter surgeries.  In 2008, the City was sued, and in 2010 the Los Angeles Superior Court issued an injunction which prohibited the City from further distributing spay/neuter vouchers or speaking to the public about anything having to do with “feral” cats or giving the public information about the help organizations like Stray Cat Alliance could offer without completing an environmental review process in compliance with CEQA Case No. BS115483. The City prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration in 2013 but ultimately decided to modify the proposed Project and prepare an EIR. The scoping process for the EIR began in 2017.

More Information and Links

More about the Environmental Impact Report on the city’s website here:

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