Kittens are tiny and cute, but just like children, they are very curious. It’s tempting to let them roam free in your home, but once they become mobile they will try to get into everything to explore. For ease and their safety, it’s best to create a dedicated space for them. While a spare bathroom is ideal, a crate or pen tucked in any room will work!

Here are some tips to prepare for kittens:

    • Kittens should be separated from all other animals in your household for at least two weeks and kept in a small area.
      • Spare room or bathroom works perfectly
      • Kittens must be kept indoor only
      • Area should be warm and draft-free as kittens cannot regulate their own body temperature
        • If kittens are under 3 weeks of age you will need to provide a heat source (Snugglesafe disks, heating pad, etc.)
      • Kittens over 3 weeks should have access to food, water, and litter box
    • They will need a secure sleeping area such as a carrier with the door removed or a box laid on its side. Make sure to provide a blanket for them to lay on.
      • Kittens who are under 3 weeks of age need to be kept in a closed carrier with a heat source at all times, only to be taken out during feeding time.
    • Put away any small items that a kitten can swallow.
    • Hide any breakable items, block electrical outlets and remove toxic plants.
    • If kittens are staying in a bathroom, make sure the toilet lid is closed at all times.
    • Block off any spaces that the kittens could crawl into and hide in.
    • Be sure to place the litter boxes as far away from food and water as possible.
      • If using a crate or pen, place food and litter box on opposite sides/ends.
    • Make sure all windows are closed, or inaccessible to the kittens when they are open.
      • Also, make sure everyone in the home is careful when opening or closing entrances leading to the outdoors.

If Momma Cat is still in the picture, she will need a safe place for her and her kittens to rest and grow.

If Momma is friendly, consider bringing her inside to raise her babies in the safety of a home. A crate or pen in a quiet room or a garage is perfect!

If she isn’t friendly, or you can’t take them in, put a nice big box out with towels for her to nest in. Once the kittens are weaned consider Trap / Neuter / Returning the family.

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