In April 2017 when Charmer was 4 weeks old, he was found in an alley, soaking wet and very sick. The person who found him went to the South LA shelter thinking she would get help for him, but when our Safe at Home representative explained the realities of the shelter, she agreed to take Charmer home and foster him with our support. When Charmer’s illness didn’t improve, he was returned to us for more intensive medical care. After rounds of antibiotics, he still was congested and tested positive for Calicivirus. Our staff just adored this gorgeous boy with the big green eyes and coat soft as a chinchilla. We took him to different doctors as well as a homeopath – we tried everything they recommended. For periods he would have relief and “sound” like a normal kitten – but then the congestion would return. You can hear Charmer breathing from across the room – he sounds a bit like Darth Vader! It certainly doesn’t slow him down but it sounds terrible and has stopped him from getting adopted. He finally tested negative for Calicivirus and doctors can’t explain what is going on. So he was tested using Rhinoscopy in which they look up into his nasal cavity and see if maybe there is a polyp or anything else interfering with his breathing.

After almost a year of Charmer being at our headquarters and going through many tests and treatments, Charmer was finally adopted on February 28, 2018. Medical tests, care and treatments are the number one expense for Stray Cat Alliance. If you would like to become a Medical Angel to support cats like Charmer, please visit our website at www. or submit the enclosed reply envelope.