Koala and his sister Bunny have CH which means when they were born the part of their brain in charge of coordination and motor skills did not fully develop. So they walk a little wobbly and simple things are more challenging like holding still long enough to use the litter box and even eat. As they get older, they will learn how to better manage and some CH kitties even slightly recover. Until then they need special care and are lucky to be with a wonderful, experienced foster. We hope Bunny and Koala find their forever home - they are such a sweet and precious duo! If you are interested in adopting Bunny and Koala, please let us know at: Adoptions@StrayCatAlliance.org.

There are three levels of sponsorship to choose from:

Platinum Paws - $50/month Golden Whiskers - $40/month Bronze Tails - $30/month