Button is the only kitten from her mommy Blondie's litter that didn't tame and become adoptable. We set up a cage for the litter to play in that we could then use to transport them in to be adopted to forever homes. But little baby Button would never go in the cage (see the photo!). Button was and still is so bonded to her mommy that we would never adopt Blondie and leave little Button behind, so we made it possible for the two to stay together forever. When Button was about 1 year old, we rescued her, Blondie and 28 other cats from Lincoln Place apartments, Venice, CA, that was about to be tented, fumigated and demolished! We found a safe new place for Button & Blondie where they are happy and spend most of their time cuddling in their favorite purple cozy bed! Won't you please be Button's sponsor?

There are three levels of sponsorship to choose from:

Platinum Paws - $50/month Golden Whiskers - $40/month Bronze Tails - $30/month