Cats and kittens need heroes today. Euthanasia rates in Los Angeles City Shelters increased last year: 44% more kittens and 18% more cats were euthanized in 2022 than in 2021. Several of our sister animal welfare groups are no longer pulling cats and kittens from shelters, threatening nearly 1,000 cat and kitten lives at the South Los Angeles shelter alone. So many organizations have pulled back their financial support for this work while the need remains so high.

We have a problem in Los Angeles, but YOU are part of the solution!  YOU can Be a Hero for Cats! With you by our side, we are doing incredible work, but there is still work to be done. There are lives at risk that we can -and will- save together.

Be a Hero for Cats today by adopting or with a generous donation. We have an ambitious goal of finding forever homes for 300 cats and raising at least $350,000 by July 16th – a heroic endeavor that will help save the lives of thousands of cats we serve every year.

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It’s not too late.

 Your generous gift to Stray Cat Alliance will help save thousands of lives this year. With your help, these kitties don’t just survive, but thrive! Because of heroes like you, they are safe, healthy, and valued. We are working to find forever homes for 300 cats and raise $350,000 by July 16th. Thank you for helping us build a No-Kill Nation, One Stray at a Time!