How to Foster





The Basics

We ask for a minimum 6-8 week commitment. Cats can take a few weeks to adjust to a new home and we want them to have plenty of time to get used to their foster parent and home before they have to move.

While you are fostering, the more photos and videos you can send us the better. A detailed bio with fun facts or cute anecdotes will draw a lot of attention to your foster. We have hundreds of cats on our website and need your foster cat’s profile to stand out.

We send kittens to foster in pairs. We don’t often take in single kittens and we don’t split up litters. Kittens are happiest with a friend or sibling since they learn from each other and have someone to grow up with!

Our cats are strictly indoor only – no balconies, patios, leashes, etc. Cats are safest and healthiest inside.

Fostering Options

We have several different options available for fostering and can help find you the right cat to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Young Kittens
Kitten season in Southern California is approximately March – October and we rescue over a thousand underage kittens during those months. We always need bottle baby fosters. Kittens who are under 4 weeks old cannot eat on their own. If they are separated from their mother, they need to be bottle fed around the clock (every 2-3 hours depending upon age). Fostering bottle babies is a big commitment and takes hard work and dedication, but it’s an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Once kittens are 4-5 weeks old, they learn how to eat on their own. This is the age when kittens become very active and playful. If you want to foster kittens, but don’t have the time or energy for bottle babies, weaned kittens may be the right choice for you! Once kittens weigh 1lb (at about 4 weeks old), they begin a series of 3 vaccines each two weeks apart. Fosters are required to bring them to vaccine appointments at our clinic in mid-city L.A.

When kittens are about 9 weeks old, they will get spayed/neutered. Fosters will need to bring the kittens for a sleepover at our office for that procedure.

We send all of our kittens to fosters in pairs since kittens learn from each other and are happiest growing up with a friend or sibling.

Teenagers (6 months to 1 year olds)
If kittens are a bit too much or you don’t have reliable transportation, we also need fosters for what we call teenagers. Teen cats are done with their basic medical care so they don’t need to come for routine vet exams. They are usually in the 6 month to 1 year range. They are still plenty energetic and super cute but a bit less work than tiny kittens. We send teenagers to
foster in pairs.

If you’re looking for a more mellow companion, we have plenty of adult cats as well. Adults often get overlooked, but adults can be much easier. They already have their set personality so you know what you’re getting. They are generally more relaxed and calm. They also know how to use a litter box.

Senior cats are very special and it’s extremely fulfilling to care for and spoil a cat in their golden years. Senior cats generally require a special diet or some medication based on their health issues, but we provide any medicine they need and will teach you how to administer it. Most senior cats just want a cozy home where they can rest and nap. If you have a warm bed and a big window they will be happy as can be. Senior cats are perfect for someone who wants a low energy companion.

Specialized Fostering Opportunities

Since we save many cats and kittens from off the street, we always need fosters who can help socialize cats. Some cats are not used to humans and are scared, timid, or defensive. Most cats who need socializing do best with a confident cat friend to show them that humans aren’t so bad. If you’re willing to take on a longer-term project and are interested in cat behavior, socializing cats might be for you.

Medical Fostering
If you’re looking to gain some medical experience, we always have kittens and cats in need of higher level medical care. We often have kittens and cats with broken bones who need cage rest or with illnesses requiring oral medications, subcutaneous fluids, or injections. We frequently have blind cats, paralyzed cats, and FIP cats who need extra love and attention. We can teach you exactly what to do to give the cats the proper care they need to recover. If you’re interested in becoming a vet tech or are just up for a challenge, fostering a medical cat will teach you a lot and strengthen your skill set as a foster parent.

Helping Your Cat Get Adopted

When someone is interested in adopting your foster cat and is approved to adopt, we ask that you FaceTime or Zoom and virtually introduce them to your foster. Virtual meet and greets are great because the adopter gets to see the cat where they are most comfortable – with YOU!

And they are great for the foster because you get to see where your foster cat will live and meet their new parents. The potential adopter can ask you questions they have about your foster to prepare for their arrival – favorite foods, favorite toys, etc – and you can ensure your foster will be set up for success.

If you end up wanting to adopt your foster, that’s ok too! It’s hard not to fall in love with your foster cat, especially if you’ve bonded over a medical issue or raised them since they were tiny. Keep in mind, though, every time your foster cat gets adopted, you have room in your home to save someone else.

Ready to Foster?

1. Please fill out our Foster Application.

  • Once received, one of our team members will contact you to discuss cat(s) and kitten(s) who are in need of foster homes.
  • Please note: Our biggest need is for foster parents who can either bottle feed unweaned kittens under 4 weeks old or care for adult cats who require special medical attention. For people interested in fostering weaned kittens or healthy young adults, it may take some time before we have a foster for you.

2. Once approved, you will then be asked to fill out our Foster Agreement.

3. Next, see cats looking for a home on our Trello board.

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