This is Janet Molina, our Safe at Home Community Engagement Counselor who sits outside the front door of the South L.A. Shelter every day.

She is amazing and does incredible work. She intercepts under-age kittens before they enter the shelter. She engages the public in a conversation about the kittens and asks them if they can foster the kittens instead of impounding.

Our conversion rate is 54% this year. Yes, that means of all the people Janet speaks to with under-age kittens, 54% say yes – they will take the kittens home and foster. When we first started the program, many said that anyone who goes to the shelter has made up their minds and wouldn’t be interested in fostering. Well, we proved them wrong! Many also said that people who brought kittens to the shelter didn’t believe in spay/neuter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The majority are people who find the kittens in peril and don’t know what else to do. They are being good Samaritans.  They want to help save lives, but they need help to do so.

From Janet:

Foster Intervention of the day!
This cutie named Cannady came in a box with a really nice bed. A woman and her son came to the South L.A. Shelter hoping someone could help them with this kitten since they found him all alone!

The woman told me there was a momma cat with kittens living in her area and she would see them constantly. Her son heard this little one crying from afar and went to go check what the deal was. Turns out the momma cat had left with the other 3 kittens and had left Cannady behind. They waited but she never came back. The woman scooped him up and came to the shelter to see if anyone could help check if the kitten was okay, because she has never had such a young baby kitten. I asked her if she would be interested in fostering and she said yes! She had no doubt in her mind that she wanted to care for the kitten but just needed the help. I explained everything to her and taught her how to care for such a small baby. Mom and son were very excited and were on their way to buy the little baby toys. She said she might be a foster fail because she is already in love!

Cannady is just one of over 2,250 under-aged kittens saved through Safe at Home! For the life of me I do not understand why this program is so hard to fund. It’s so engaging! It brings people to together. It helps the shelter and it certainly helps the most vulnerable shelter animals of all-under age kittens. We are working to expand Safe at Home to more shelters in Los Angeles and have also hosted apprentices from around the country so they can make kittens in their communities Safe at Home. Check out the video below for more info about the program.

Until next time – meow!

Christi Metropole, President and CEO